What We Do


MediaPortal is an industry leading news and information portal designed specifically for the motoring industry. It was born in South Africa in 2013 and has enjoyed great success from day one.

We've come along way since then. In just a few short years, MediaPortal outgrew it's original platform and we began work on what you now see before you. We are really proud of what we have created, and we believe that you will enjoy using it as much as we enjoy creating it.

MediaPortal is currently owned and maintained by HotPress Media (Pty) Ltd.

MediaPortal is NOT free software and is the intellectual property of HotPress Media (Pty) Ltd. The MediaPortal name, logo, brand identity, user interface and source code are property of HotPress Media and may not be duplicated, replicated, decompiled, reverse engineered, copied, or altered without prior written permission from HotPress Media.