How it works


Content publishers can publish content to MediaPortal articles and distribute them to carefully crafted and maintained media lists.


MediaPortal hosts a large array of images. Search for and find the exact content you need.


We have a set of comprehensive tools that are designed to engage recipients and readers.

But that's not all...

MediaPortal is a comprehensive media platform designed, developed and run from Sunny Johannesburg. We are proud of what we have achieved and our features are designed around a community we have a deep knowledge of.


For corporate clients, publishing content on the MediaPortal platform couldn't be easier. Articles are published directly to MediaPortal and to your own newsroom as soon as you click SAVE. For media users, articles are sorted by brand, easily labeled, dated and searchable.

Press Packs

No need to manually select each photograph you want. MediaPortal will package an article and all the attached photographs, videos and documents automatically. Download press packs as simple ZIP archives quickly and easily.


MediaPortal boast a massive image collection, and every week MediaPortal clients publish hundreds more. Find all the high resolution photographs you need for you next article. MediaPortal automatically generates three different sizes for each photograph, so it's perfect for your blog post or website.


Organise photographs into galleries to create meaningful connections between them. Whether it's a new product release, or a corporate event, galleries are a quick and easy way to publish a collection of photographs. And for media users, whole galleries can be packaged and downloaded.


MediaPortal features an efficient and super fast distribution platform that is tightly linked with the articles you publish. Send the same articles as email newsletters, along with photographs, documents and videos to an exclusive set of media lists. Or create a brand specific newsletter and send to your internal staff.

Media Lists

Manage your own lists of contacts. Create as many lists as you want and we'll help keep them neat and tidy. We have a strict delivery policy so you can rest assured that you're always delivering to the correct contacts. MediaPortal also has a simple rating system so you can quickly see which contacts are your most valuable and which lists the most active.

Weekly Digests

Every week MediaPortal sends out a newsletter filled with all the published articles from the previous 7 days. You don't even need to go searching for content. We'll send it right to your inbox. Choose the brands you want to see in the weekly digest and we'll compile the newsletter just for you.


All MediaPortal users have access to a unique clipboard feature which can be used to keep links and references to any content on MediaPortal. Collect photographs, articles and galleries in one place and come back to it later. It's like you're own set of personal bookmarks on MediaPortal.

Always ready to listen

We pride ourselves on our lightning fast turn around times, and friendly support. Help is just and email, or a phone call away.

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